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For a town that has faced four major fires and a devastating tornado, Chester, South Carolina looks good. Rebuilt into what is now dubbed the Best Hometown in its state, this resilient little parish has a small population with an allure that was made to last.

This small rural city has a lot to offer, and Showcase Realty is here to help. At Showcase Realty, a Charlotte-based real estate company, our top real estate agents licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina, meaning we can help you buy or sell your home in Chester. Showcase Realty trains top real estate agents in knowledge about the areas surrounding Charlotte, including Chester, which means they will be able to give you the area’s best real estate services.

Still, though the much of the town’s façade is new, some of the most enthralling aspects of Chester are the remnants of South Carolina’s past that still stand in the town’s center. Monument Square, located in historic downtown, features a Confederate monument and other Civil War era lore. Ranging from cannons to 19th century cisterns, this portioned part of Chester echoes voices of the past in every corner.

When you slip past these monuments and delve into the Victorian-style architecture of Chester’s Historic District, the same history-driven township rings true. Beautiful homes make up a stunning portion of this part of town, but old churches are truly the Chester gems. Places like Old Catholic Church, burial site of 60 Revolutionary War soldiers, remind residents and visitors alike of the role Chester played in building the nation.

However, wedged between Columbia, South Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina, Chester isn’t just a history buff’s bliss. Travel in either direction and this halfway point for metropolis-hopping adventurers provides entertainment galore. Charlotte’s unique mix of restaurants, whether chains or local dives, make for a delicious night out while Columbia’s medley of boutiques keep shoppers satisfied.

Back home in Chester, others wear themselves out at Chester State Park’s two mile hike. Framing a 160-acre lake, this nature trail is a beautiful example of Chester’s natural wonder. While urban life creeps into every other part of life, this final popular retreat is another example of why people keep falling in love with this southern hometown.

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